12 Questions to Ask Your Happiest Customers

Fantastic questions that could each be expounded as their own set of surveys to gain detailed insight of your customer.  It can be a good way of building personas and charting that infamous customer journey.  Your happiest customers are most often the most generous in providing honest feedback.  They can be your most loyal and in doing so, be your biggest advocates.  Why not take advantage as all you have to do is ask.

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A customer centric organization needs a strong customer experience

The trend of focusing on customer experience is growing and this includes employee experience as both are mutually beneficial.  Check out how to best gain a good understanding of your most valuable asset – your client.  Understanding and measuring customer behavior is so important as your client will come to expect it.

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How to use customer feedback to improve your business

Customer feedback is everything to any business.  It is so valuable and useful.  A company should covet feedback to strengthen their operations.   To obtain it, they should make it as simple as possible for clients and make it absolutely clear how you are going to use the feedback.  Then compare the data and make it the guiding light to improve your business.

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CES 2015: The Industry Hopes for a Wearable-Gadget Boom

With the advent of the ‘Internet of Things’ and now wearable devices becoming so predominant, how will the Research industry take advantage of the forth coming deluge of data?  Interesting to imagine if in the near future obtaining feedback will no longer be a reactive process, but somehow become a passive, inert or automatic activity.  Any suggestions on how this may arise?

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The Potential of iBeacon for Mobile Research

The iBeacon has great potential for mobile researchers.  In comparison to alternatives it is much more precise than GPS and further advanced in the field than NFC.  Though its’ success is not without challenges – people will have to be willing to receive surveys on an installed app and everything has to be aligned for the app to work properly.  The benefits of capturing ‘The Moments of Truth’  will be a beacon for researchers.

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Airbnb Invents a Call Center That Isn’t Hell to Work At

As the research industry is evolving, so are those involved. Airbnb has designed and built a modern customer experience call center around behavioral patterns with all the trappings you might find at a popular tech company.  To enable solving problems in a hierarchy-free setting, they have shared desks, couches, light wood and exposed brick, surrounded with a variety of public spaces.  Not only have they garnered greater allegiance to the company with this design, but the best benefit is that they are collectively more productive.

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Are brands making the most of the voice of the customer?

Impressively, Gartner forecasts, Voice of the customer campaigns will see large investments by business over the next five years, with a 30% annual growth in the VOC market.   It’s one thing to collect the data, but a strong VOC strategy will make sure the feedback is scrutinized, it is shared and leveraged throughout the company.  As businesses strive to improve either their products or services, what better way to enable this by acting on customer feedback.

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The Future of Insights: Four Trends for 2015

Brace yourself, 2015 planning has commenced and long with it top prediction lists and trend reports for the new market research year are upon us.  Areas to look out for:  strong relations between CMO & CTO, Insights team is influential with good communications skills, development of surveys will be mobile-first and short.

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4 Reasons to Urgently Embrace Mobile Market Research

Mobile research is not a new approach, but it is unique with its own capabilities and conditions.  Market researchers can no longer neglect mobile as their numbers in use have over taken computers.  Embrace the medium to do new things in new places and to reach previously difficult groups.  You will be surprised with the honest and precise results of your survey.

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