Big Data, Big Research Possibilities Emerge At Re:Think

By Joel Rubinson

How should researchers think of big data?

When your data move beyond crosstabs and excel…when you are predicting rather than profiling…when your data do not fit neatly into rows and columns because they are unstructured in their natural state…when you are anonymously matching data at the user level that come from different sources and requires some analytic detective work to optimize the match…when you are extracting information in real time from a massive database on servers that does NOT fit on your laptop.

All of these are crosstabs hallmarks and there were numerous …

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What are the top ten questions for Opinion Polling?

A new edition ESOMAR’s Answers to Contemporary Questions book is being produced, with three new chapters, International, Mobile, and Opinion Polling. This post is a shout out to crowd source the key questions for Opinion Polling. What do you think about? What do market researchers mean by an Opinion Poll? Who uses Opinion Polls? What

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The differences between academic and commercial research

I am currently at an academic conference on mobile research in Cyprus, a WebDataNet event. I am a keynote speaker and my role is to share with the delegates the commercial market research picture. I really enjoy mixing with the academic world, and I am intrigued and fascinated by the differences between the academic and

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comScore Debuts Multi-Platform Measure

Digital measurement specialist comScore has launched a multi-platform audience metric for use across desktop computers, smartphones and tablets.

The tool uses comScore’s proprietary multi-platform audience de-duplication methodology, combined with tagging, in order to produce a measure of ‘unique people’ being reached across the globe.

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Mobile Qualitative – How Does It Fit In The Research Toolkit?

Editor’s Note: Edward Appleton is doing a series of posts focused on the client-side view of mobile research, with an emphasis on use cases and best practices learned so far. This is the fifth  post in that series that we’ll be publishing over the rest of the month. Parts 1 – 4 can be found here.

Edward Appleton

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